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Financial Expert Irina Klein

Financial Expert Irina Klein
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Cashback is provided by the program Auto Bonus in the amount of 10%. 

Cashback is automatically distributed to: 
- personal cashback (the percentage is shown on the coupon image); 
- cashback on M2 levels.

Financial expert Irina Klein 
provides investment services in real estate and precious metals. Telecommunications, gas, electricity. The task of the activity is to analyze the state of the budget of each family and, on the basis of this, correctly draw up a plan for saving and saving money from inflation and taxes. The end result is the creation of capital through the program of buying real estate as capital, thereby ensuring a decent life for each family in the future. And, of course, to preserve and increase part of the capital through gold reserves.

The four main areas that the company adheres to are: light, gas, telecommunications, real estate, gold. In all directions, cooperating with the best companies in the European market, I have the opportunity not only to save the family budget, but also to increase it. 

The dreams and desires of customers become a clear defining moment of moving forward. Today more than ever in a situation of total financial illiteracy, it is important for people to have a number of independent experts in the vast world of finance. 

Working hours: 
Mon - Fri: from 08.00 to 20.00; 
Sat: 08.00 to 20.00; 
Su: off.




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